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Kiddos Teaching Series

Long Story Short and Old Story New are a pair of dynamic family devotionals written by Marty Machowski. We have adapted and supplemented these family materials into a church curriculum. Our series, with a launch date of Fall 2015, navigates the Bible over a period of 6 years. Both our Kiddos’ Church and Sunday School programs utilize this series, working together weekly to provide a deep and wide picture of the gospel across God’s redemptive story!
We love this curriculum for 2 BIG reasons. First, from start to finish, this series is Christ-centered, Gospel-centered. Jesus is the hero of every story and the fount of every blessing. Second, because we’re working through a devotional book, families have the opportunity to reinforce at home the things we learn in church. This means the church and the family walk side-by-side in raising another generation. 
In order to tell God’s story, we use a wide variety of resources, activities, initiatives, objects, and songs! Some of the most common resources are pictured below, many of which you can use to reinforce and follow along at home! We believe there are great and varied ways to share the story – but the truth behind the story remains the same, which is why the heart of every lesson is the redemptive work accomplished by Christ and its application to our everyday lives. May he be glorified as children come to know salvation through the Lord!
OK - Common Resources

Kiddos FAQ

Who fits in to the OK crowd?
OK is available for kiddos who range from age 4 – and completely 🙂 potty trained – thru fifth grade.
When does OK run?
When we gather as the church, we encourage our families to sing together in worship. During the school year, with parental permission, we dismiss the kiddos after the opening musical set (typically @10:05am) for Kiddos’ Church, which runs until 11:00am. At 11:00, there is a time of transition with a big game. After the game, the kiddos are either dismissed to leave with their parents, or they can remain for the Sunday school hour and a deeper look into the morning lesson.

Where does OK take place?
Most of our Sunday morning activities take place next door to the sanctuary in our Ed Building. When they are dismissed from the sanctuary, we escort the kiddos across the walk to their class. Parents are always welcome to walk along to see the classroom and to meet the teachers. Pickup will always take place next door as well.

What happens during OK?
At times, we keep the kiddos in the sanctuary to hear the Word, but next door we engage in age-specific learning. For the first segment, the kiddos are all together in one place, where they receive the core lesson. The lessons do not parallel or follow our Sunday sermon, but rather work systematically through the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Between segments, we gather the kiddos for one BIG game. The game provides a time of transition for the teachers, as well as a chance for the kiddos to stretch their legs, shout, and have some fun! For our second segment, during the Sunday School hour, we separate the kiddos into two age groups to look at the core lesson from a different angle with new activities, ideas, and fun! When this second segment is over, our kiddos remain in the Ed building until a parent or guardian arrives.
Do you gather during the middle of the week? 
No we do not. We aim to walk alongside families in the raising of young disciples. This is why our curriculum is in a form that easily translates to the home setting. We want to spark, equip, and encourage families to grow in the Lord together in their everyday context. 

Why is it called OK?
In a world where everything (whether deserving or not) is presented as epic, awesome, synergistically architected, amazing, dynamic, and exclamation-pointy, we are content (though never complacent) to be an ordinary bunch of people in the hands of an extraordinary God. It’s OK to be OK.

How can you get involved?
The quality of our kiddos’ ministry will be directly proportional to the number of loving & caring volunteers who get involved. All of our workers MUST obtain the proper clearances in order to serve. We will provide training at times to build up our volunteers in the Lord. Our needs include teachers who lead the segments, helpers who provide assistance and presence, a transition team to facilitate the BIG game, and most of all prayer warriors to plead before God for the spiritual life of our young ones.