Sunday School @ FCC – Fall 2015


Sunday School

Our Sunday School gathering takes place after our Sunday service. We offer separate opportunities for children & youth. Our college students and adults typically gather in  the Fellowship Hall for a time of teaching, discussion, and prayer.
During our fall semester, we typically aim to grow in a particular spiritual discipline. This year, we will dive into the discipline of worship with a look at Rhythms of Grace by Mike Cosper. Cosper is one of the founding pastors at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY, where he serves as a pastor of worship and arts. Rhythms is a look at the gospel as a story of worship. More than a song, worship impacts and encompasses all of life. Worship, then, finds expression in life as the gathered church as well as the church scattered. 
Our Fall semester will have a “soft” Launch on Sunday, September 6, which will consist of a welcome, an introduction, a time of prayer, and – as usual – some snacks and coffee. We will then dive in head-first on Sunday, September 20 with the first chapter. 
Do I need to purchase the book? 
No. Our teachers for this class will present the material, though you might wish to have a copy for yourself. Most weeks, we will include a worksheet with questions and perhaps a few quotes to spark conversation. If you would like a copy of the book, you can purchase on Amazon. If you need help getting a copy of the book, never hesitate to ask one of our leaders! 
I’ve missed a few weeks. Can I jump in? 
Absolutely. Though it is helpful to attend from the beginning for context, each lesson is designed to stand alone, driving us deeper into a life of worship. Even if you don’t make it until the back half of the class, it’s never too late to visit! 
What is the teaching style? 
More often than not, we prefer to spend a portion teaching in order to launch discussion. We want to see folks engaging the material and considering the practical implications in their own life. We find this is facilitated more easily in small group discussion than in a lecture format. 
Can I get my coffee fix? 
Every week. You’ll probably tickle your sweet tooth while you’re there as well. 
Rhythms - Postcard Front
Rhythms - Postcard Back